Simple way to arrange the interior small bedroom

Simple way to arrange the interior small bedroom – For those of you who have a small size room interiors are simple and certainly very tough to organize a large variety of furniture or furnishings inside. Here are a few tips to organize the interior of the bedroom For small and simple to be pleasant atmosphere of the bedroom.

Making of beds,The bed was made close to the wall, then we can put on the table opposite the bed. Leave space between the two objects to the bedroom window. If you are not using a bed just using the mattress, use a foam mattress or spring bed easy to clean and collapsible. After getting the position of the bed, then you can put furniture or other furnishings that were smaller in the room based on your habits. Simple small bedroom design.

Simple way to arrange the interior small bedroom

Cabinets,Use cabinets with a width of about 40 cm because in order to save space, use cabinets to store clothes or anything else. No matter the size of a closet essential that can function properly.Small dresser, The presence of a dresser in the bedroom is no less important. Especially when the bedroom occupied by women. Dressers should not always great. The important thing is you can make up yourself to taste. Place the dressing table near the wardrobe. Arrangement between a wardrobe and a dressing table is intended to allow you to indulge in the morning.

Set your interior bedroom paint colors,Color paint enough to affect the impression of broad or narrow is shown by a narrow room space. To give the impression of a wider try to match the frame color with wall color, because the color contrast between the walls and the frame will give the impression of fuller and narrower. For small rooms, use neutral colors and avoid using two contrasting colors or flashy.Hopefully some tips on how to organize and narrow bedroom with this simple for you.

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