Interior home design with double function

Interior home design with double fungtion – There are many activities better done at the same place. For example, the kitchen and dining room. Unity of place makes you no need to carry food from one chamber space to another. Plates and cups and other tableware can be stored in the same place. Similarly, the work space can be made in a bedroom or living room. In cases like this, can often be shared workspace furniture. Of course, used furniture isbedroom furnitureor family room. Designing the dual function as it will require careful planning. Sketches will be a useful tool.

In a small space, if you create multifunctional furniture, you’ll need a slightly larger. However, the double function often feels more comfortable than reality. If you work, you do not want to always clean the dining table when they wanted to work, although the recliner can be used for work and dining chairs. Likewise with bed make sure the work does not interfere with your sleep. Insulating space, for example, high rack from floor to ceiling can double as a shelf for storage of documents and in the bedroom on the other side.

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