California Landscape Design – Mediterranean Lifestyle on the Pacific West Coast

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The Father of California Landscaping

Today’s sophisticated and elegant high-end landscape designs first appeared in wealthy regions of southern California in the early 1930s. Thomas Church, a landscape architect trained with experience in the styles of popular garden of Europe at that time, founded a landscape architecture firm in downtown San Francisco and quickly became a household name in outdoor planning in Southern California. During his 45-year career in California landscaping, Church has created more than 2,000 individual garden designs in some of the richest areas and developments in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside, the all at the height of modern architectural development. These functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces have led to a trend that is becoming more and more popular across the country to extend the living space of a house in the openness of nature.

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The many faces of this unique design style. The homes of southern California are among the most remarkable buildings in the world and represent a variety of unique architectural styles. California landscape designs complement these beautiful homes with carefully selected plants, materials and accessories to create a central theme that combines outdoor charm with refined style for a wonderful outdoor living space. While most of the different landscaping in Southern California has an old-world rustic feel, there are also elegant, formal garden styles that reflect a more contemporary vibe. The influence of the European Mediterranean can also be seen in many styles of Californian gardens. With as many different garden styles and influences as can be seen in the landscaping of this region, there is a common thread. Each Californian landscaping is carefully planned to reflect the natural and relaxed lifestyle of the warm Mediterranean coast while complementing the style of the most sumptuous homes. These Mediterranean style designs are simple, yet sophisticated, functional and clever. These outdoor living spaces are really designed for outdoor living.

Elements of a California-style garden can include:

Natural accessories such as unfinished furniture or terracotta planters
Colorful cushions, patio dishes, lighting and flower pots in bright and vivid colors
Simple materials such as bark, gravel and stone emphasize the characteristics of the water and create sidewalks

Due to the wonderful variety across southern California, the landscape designs are also unique, but they have all been carefully planned to make outdoor living comfortable, relaxing and a beautiful part of your home. With so many different garden styles, it is often best to hire the services of an experienced landscape architect from California.

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