Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

Is it just us or is spring in the air? It gets a bit warmer and the refreshing feeling we get when the winter lifts start. We are inspired to clean up, refresh and organize ourselves. Of course, a ton of spring cleaning must be done inside. (For more information, see our article How to save time, spring cleaning for your home.) But nature needs a good refresher. There is nothing better about spring than to imagine sitting with friends on the terrace. Here are 7 ways you can choose your outdoor living space to greet the best season (and all those long summer days too!). Before you go to the stores or the inspiration boards, take stock of what you already have. What needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced? Pre-season sales can be a good time to make purchases. (The prices are higher when it’s beautiful outside.) Since the outdoor living space is an extension of your home when the sun is shining, choose pieces that continue the flow of your design style inside. You can get rid of early weeds when the soil is thawed. However, you should check the USDA plant hardness map to determine the subclimate of your garden, buy perennials and plants accordingly. While many conditions can affect the survival of a plant, this is the easiest way to ensure that your plants survive the season. Once you know which zone you are in, we recommend that you set your garden up for the mood (more tropical English Garden Rustic Wildflowers?) And your color palette (what is the ideal backdrop for this year’s outdoor activities?). Add a few plants that attract bees – it may seem scary, but these natural pollinators make your flowers bloom.

Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

You do not have a huge garden or a huge garden? Build a garden with containers. It gives you the same touch of nature that we all long for after a long winter on a smaller terrace, balcony or veranda. It’s surprisingly easy to create a personal fire pit for your garden with cheap materials, and a fire pit is perfect for entertaining on the patio until late at night when temperatures drop. It also gives the farm an immediate center and a place to gather. A wooden cover can turn the hearth into a coffee table for drinks and appetizers until the sun goes down, and can then be removed when it’s time for customs. We love pieces that can do double work, and the fact that this can be done on a weekend makes it a breeze!

We know that the attraction of being out in the warmer months is obviously the sunshine, but the all-day sunshine is not great. We like the idea of ??creating a dimensional plan of sun and shade in our outdoor living spaces. Do not feel limited to a simple beach umbrella. There are so many more stylish shadow options: you can buy (or build) a pergola for a sitting or dining area, raise a sunshade for a more modern look, or hang a large umbrella from the treetops. While a modern lighting plan can be expensive and should be installed by professionals, there are many ways to create atmosphere with cheap lighting – sometimes using items you already have in your home.

The wrapping of trees with fairy lights creates an enchanted forest effect. Filling a hanging lantern or birdcage with a series of lights creates a concentrated explosion of rustic brightness. Solar powered or LED lights on piles can illuminate a walkway and demarcate the edge of a patio, and similar styles have adjustable spotlights that illuminate your house, fence, or foliage. Create the feeling of another room by simply attaching curtains that completely or partially enclose every outdoor space and make it look more intimate. Attach hooks to the bottom of an awning, pergola or porch and hang a curtain rod in between. Outdoor fabrics have a longer shelf life, but if you are hardworking enough to break them down between uses, a floating, transparent fabric can create a beautiful, ethereal effect. Add a water feature and wind chimes for soothing sounds and create privacy for your neighbors by strategically planting trees or hanging baskets.

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