5 Step Nightstand Styling Formula That Will Make You Look A Pro

There is nothing more embarrassing than a barren bedside table. Unless you do not even own a bedside table. In that case, it’s time to get an accurate picture of your life. I have done both in the last 8 years. After 7 years of marriage, I realized only in the last few months that my bedroom looked like the first rent of a student. Apart from the strange smells and the overflowing laundry. It is completely functional, without beauty or style. In the nightstand department, I totally miss it. But not anymore. Now I’m looking for the perfect picture, you want to pull every friend, neighbor or stranger into your bedroom table. And I’ll give you an overview of how to style your nightstand exactly, whether you’re a maximalist, minimalist, or somewhere in between. In addition, I’ve developed a super-simple formula that can turn your bedside table from boring and neglected into a professionally styled and amazingly functional style. Do you neglect your bedside table just because you are not sure how to style it? Well not more! Learn this super simple 3-step formula that lets you style your bedside table in no time. It works, whether you are Minimalist, Maximalist or somewhere in between!

5 Step Nightstand Styling Formula That Will Make You Look A Pro

How to design your bedside table to make friends and influence people (or at least make you happy). Clear everything off your existing bedside table. Determine your style Minimalist: Do you love open spaces on your walls, tabletops and floors? Are you constantly cleaning your belongings for a clean, finished look? If so, you are a minimalist at heart. Maximalist: Do you live according to the motto more is more? Do you always bring home another piece of jewelry, pillows, a vase or a great find when you go shopping? Are you always wondering how to add something to your collection? Then you are a maximalist!

Neutralist: Ok, I came up with that term, but it sounds good, right? If you find yourself unable to choose between the two options Minimalist and Maximalist, you are probably a neutralist. You do not want your room to feel cold or barren, but you also feel that a certain limit needs to be crossed if it is exceeded comes on the amount of objects in your house. You see a highly curated reflection of your personality in your house. You are a neutralist! Choose the number of accessories for your style. Minimalist: Choose 2-3 different types of accessories. Neutralist: Use 3-4 different types of accessories. Maximalist: Choose 5-7 different types of accessories Select which accessory you would like to use. Below is a basic listing of the accessories that you use to decorate your bedside table:

Lighting: Usually a table lamp, desk lamp or wall lamp. Art: Framed works of art, woven wall hangings or small sculptures. Plants: potted plants such as cacti or succulents or cut plants such as flowers, twigs or twigs. Jewels: Any small object that represents your personality or that you love. Dish or Catchall: A decorative tray for jewelry, perfumes, glasses and more. Books: The current ones that you read or those that are decorative. Mirrors: They usually hang on the wall behind the table, but you can also use small table mirrors

Baskets / Trashcans: These are ideal for bedside tables with an open compartment. If you do not want space, place one under the table (if he has high legs) or on the outside of the table.
Your style will most likely help you decide which accessories to use in your room. If you are a minimalist, select items that are functional and beautiful. If you are a neutralist, you have a little more space to have things that are “just pretty”. If you are a maximalist, you can have your cake and eat it too.. Layer your accessories. The secret to making your bedside table look professional is the layering of your objects. You want the room to have a dimension, movement and variable height. There are different ways to layer accessories. Here are some suggestions:

Place your lamp in front of a piece of art that is leaning against the wall. Use a tray to collect a candle, some jewelry and your perfume. Fill a bedside table with pillows or a throw. Put your art in front of a wall mirror. Stack your books and put. how tall should bedroom lamps be compared to a headboard,lamp height in relation to headboard height,how to style a nightstand,how tall should a lamp be on an end table,how to style a nightstand without a lamp,how to make a table lamp look taller,what makes a good bedside lamp,ways to elevate table lamp.