5 Ideas For A Do-It-Yourself Coffee Table, Let’s Do It!

I’m pleased to announce that my dog ??Luna and I will move to a larger 1-bed-1 bathhouse with a fenced garden. Yes, a backyard! These are hard to get here in San Diego, so I’m really looking forward to having the outside space to go into a garden! I also want to challenge myself to spend very little money. That’s why I work with my materials, my imagination, and some images I’ve found to make an inspiration book for inspiration. Materials (which I have):

5 Ideas For A Do-It-Yourself Coffee Table, Let’s Do It!

1. Curb finder: Free wood !!!
I drove down the road one day and drove past that piece of wood on the edge of the curb. Like a crazy do-it-yourself, I made a U-turn and threw it into my car – it was the great black braces that I initially noticed. The large board measures 72 “x 15” and is attached with the brackets to a 6 “long piece of 2 × 4. I’m thinking about using the 2 × 4 for legs and somehow incorporating the brackets into the design is one of two options for creating the tabletop.

2. Unused wood: 8 pieces of 60 “long, 1 × 4
Option 2 for a tabletop is the use of some of these 60-inch, 1 × 4 pieces of untreated hardwood boards that I used as floorboards on an old platform bed that I no longer needed. Coffee table inspirations to make your own: Below are 5 DIY tables that I have selected as examples of what I can actually design with the material I have. Which is your favorite?

1. Coffee table with terrarium of 1 × 4 plates
I love this idea because the wood was treated to give it a redeemed end. By adding the built-in terrarium it stays earthy, gives it a unique touch and brings a little nature into the room. However, if I built something like that, I would probably push the terrarium aside so you have more room on the table.

2. Coffee table with legs in tubular steel
The use of steel tubes as legs and steel plates at the base of the legs gives this coffee table an industrial flair and I like it! I think it’s a fantastic idea for a converted loft area where you may have more raw elements to work on – d. H.

Concrete floors, exposed brick walls / piping / air ducts. However, this look may not match the room I am dragging into because it does not contain any of these elements. In any case, I keep this as part of my Ideabook, just in case.

3. Coffee table with slag block as a base
This is perhaps the simplest idea to create a low-cost coffee table using slag blocks as the basis for your tabletop. But I think, like the table before, it would best fit into a loft-like space.

I would need at least two ash blocks on each side to raise the table so the dogs do not get close. In this way, I would run the risk of losing the minimalist look he should have by becoming bulkier.

4. Pallet coffee table with wheel legs
With an old palette that gives the wood a finish, and wheels as legs! I love all the DYI ideas I have for using old shipping pallets. This one is one of my favorites; However, I do not have a palette, so I would use the 4 × 1 values ??to do something similar.

5. Coffee table with hairpin legs
This is my absolute favorite! I like the variety of colors used to color the tabletop, and the 4 × 1 colors were offset and not just side by side. There you have it, these are the materials I have to work with and my ideas for inspiration. This will be one of the first do-it-yourself projects that I tackle as I move to the new home.