5 Easy, Designer-Approved Ways to Upgrade Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrade Cheap Kitchen Cabinets – You might think that you can not create the kitchen of your dreams if you build or renew your kitchen on a limited budget, but that’s not necessarily true. With affordable, basic kitchen cabinets – like Ikea’s and Home Depot’s – you can do many things to personalize and personalize your flair, even if splintering is not an option. Here, designers share their favorite tips for upgrading low cost cabinets. You can even do some tricks on your existing cabinets.

5 Easy, Designer-Approved Ways to Upgrade Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Fill gaps with crown shape.

For Gina Gutierrez of Gina Rachelle Design, it’s all about making sure the design goes from the floor to the ceiling, so there’s no gap between the ceiling and the upper cabinets. “We use moldings, skirting boards and cover plates to close all gaps in ceilings, walls, refrigerators, etc.,” she explains. “This creates a polished, custom look.” And for even more customization options, Gutierrez adds that she “likes working on an island or peninsula in the layout whenever possible,” and notices that using a simple job site, it’s easy to fit Ikea cabinets to a farmhouse sink can carpentry of course.
Increase your interest with new hardware. Designer and queer-eye star Bobby Berk tells House Beautiful that his biggest tip for upgrading otherwise ordinary cabinets is the use of “high-end” hardware. “With cabinet profiles, the styles can be very limited, so I like to replace the hardware with something useful,” he shares. “There are so many great options in big stores that look high quality but are offered at a very affordable price.” And to make it feel truly individual, Bobby suggests mixing styles between the upper and lower cabinets. “Lower doors get buttons, lower drawers pull and the top snaps,” for example.

Do not forget the hinges.

While hardware is all about improving your style, you should also consider the practicality of upgrading your kitchen. “Always choose the slow closing hinge – you will not regret it!” advises Raymond Boozer, chief designer at Apartment48. In addition to preventing your cabinet doors from slamming (who wants to hear that?), It also extends the life of your cabinets by reducing wear and tear.

Play with the lighting.

“I bring beautiful lighting,” says Gutierrez. Skip the usual canister recessed lights, she advises, and instead ask yourself if you can attach trailers, sconces and lights under the cabinet. Changing your lighting can change your kitchen as a whole, even if you opt for simple cabinets. “These parts are not just functional, they also add dimension and texture to a kitchen,” adds Gutierrez.

Install open shelves.

Adding some open shelves that Berk recently returned is another easy way to make your kitchen more individual and a little less plain. You also get a functional display area. “I’m all about it – it not only visually opens the room, it also allows you to showcase some of your prettier items,” says Berk.
Remember, less is more. “I really stand by the phrase” less is more, “says Berk.” Especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Instead of choosing a cabinet style with a lot of detail or a busy pattern in the wood grain, you should choose something simpler. “Berk notes that he usually sticks to cabinets with flat front or doors in the panel style, as these are classic and timeless You can also swap out the hardware at any time to improve your style later and enhance your look.

Approach the Custom with Semihandmade.

With Ikea cabinets, you no longer have to work on customization for a more personalized look. Designer Jennifer Vaquero of the September Workshop explains to House Beautiful that she can turn to companies like Semihandmade, which she finds to be increasingly popular for a more personal look. “They manufacture customized cabinet fronts for the Ikea boxes, including painted wood,” Vaquero explains. “So your kitchen can have any color under the sun that used to be reserved for custom kitchens, and I have many customers who demand it, as this is a relatively inexpensive way to get a custom kitchen.” However, it is worth noting that “the end result is nice,” but this route is more complicated and takes more time.