15 Fantastic Christmas Wreath Ideas That Anyone Can Make

Have you already displayed your Christmas wreath? Do not worry, there is still a lot of time so that you can make something beautiful and special this year. If you don’t have specific ideas for the design and everything else, that’s fine too, because we have some cool ideas that we can share with you today. Each of these ideas is a great source of inspiration for your own DIY Christmas wreath project. You can also collect and assemble multiple ideas from different projects to create something unique and original. This colorful Christmas wreath is adorned with many felt balls, more specifically around 300. Each has a diameter of 1 inch and different colors. This is not a very easy or quick project, as you probably suspected. It’s worth the effort, however, because it looks so cute and interesting. In addition to all of the felt balls, you’ll need a 12-inch straw wreath, some yarn, a heavy duty thread, a large needle, and a hot glue gun to successfully complete this project. If you use a smaller wreath, you will need fewer felt balls and can make them faster.

This project also uses felt, but in a different way. This is a felt leaf wreath that is much easier and faster to make than the previously mentioned felt ball. For this project you need pieces of felt in different shades of green, a pair of fabric scissors, wire, wire cutters, a needle, an embroidery thread and a hot glue gun (optional if you want to add ornaments at the end). Even if you choose the simplified design, the wreath will still look beautiful and interesting. Read the full tutorial if you need more information. This wreath wrapped in leather looks trendy and modern and seems a pretty simple project. You can also take a closer look at it if you like the idea. You will need the following if you want to make a similar Christmas wreath: 14-inch styrofoam wreath, leather lacing (in this case, 3 medium brown ones were used), black leather lacing, green velvet ribbon and floral stems. Most of the wreath is wrapped with brown leather cord, which gives it a simple and elegant look. The flower stems and the ribbon are combined in one place on one side of the wreath. Check out cherishedbliss for more information.

This is a Christmas wreath made up of many small gifts. It definitely captures the spirit of the holidays nicely and in a fun and weird way. Obviously, these are not real gifts. They are only styrofoam pieces that are covered with wrapping paper. This can actually be the perfect opportunity to use some of the pieces of waste paper you’ve saved all the time. When you have all the mini gifts ready, attach them to a flat wreath shape. More details about this project can be found in the tutorial from handmadecharlotte. This doesn’t look like another Christmas wreath. So if you’re looking for a unique and unusual way to decorate your front door, this could be the case. In this case, the wreath is more of a decoration, a work of art. It definitely stands out and looks interesting. If you’re wondering how it was done, check out the deliciousanddiy tutorial. Basically, these are the supplies you need: wooden posts, wood glaze, glue, artificial succulents, bottle brushes, thick paper, textured paints, glitter and tape.

The simple Christmas wreaths that you can find in your local stores aren’t noticed in any way, but you can change that. A very inspiring transformation was presented on sadieseasongoods. It went from the general Christmas wreath to the original winter wreath. The big red bow was removed, the whole wreath covered with a light layer of white spray paint with a layer of snow, and then the decorations added: a handmade wreath (basically a thin knitted scarf) and a pair of miniature wooden skis. Although it’s not really a wreath, you can definitely use it as a wreath. We are talking about this stylish star decoration, which is shown on these series. It is a fairly simple and straight forward project. It starts with a star-shaped wire ornament. If you don’t find any in your local stores, you can try scratching them from the front. Take some artificial foliage, make a small bundle, and add a swab of hot glue to keep everything in place. Then wrap some twine and attach it to the ornament.