10 Fantastic Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas

If you have a bit of death, it seems as if all you really can do is find the right word, with the right hand. Not only that, it can really, really be difficult. Anyway, it does not take big projects to do anything to make you feel a little closed. There are some bathrooms that you can afford if you can decorate the bathroom. If you are fast, you can be sure that you will install a particular sink. These sinks are stylish and they give you the freedom you need to have more foot space and get the job done. This is because you do not have to settle for the big cabinet, which is part of the typical way of saying, as they say. Even if you use your method to be needed, it can be attractive, it can also attract a lot of attention. In fact, you can only find the really in the bathroom. This is a small bathroom that will instantly make you look much bigger. Is not it funny that there never seems to be enough storage space in the bathroom? Thanks to the ever-demanded storage in the bathroom you will love these fabulous functional ideas to hide clutter, to have your necessities at your fingertips and to bring your beautiful bathroom to its full advantage.

10 Fantastic Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas

1. Consider customized furniture. The type of storage you choose is determined by the way in which you use your bathroom. Often it pays to hire a professional bathroom design company to optimize your space with bespoke cabinets, built-in shelves, hidden cupboards, and more.

2. Use the interior of closet doors. These are extremely useful for all types of storage options, from installing a trash can (which saves valuable space) to hanging a storage rack on the door for cleaning products, toiletries, etc.

3. Use the room above the toilet. This space is largely untapped, but can be used to store essential items such as extra toilet paper, room fresheners, etc. You can use a mix of closed cabinets and open shelves to hide unsightly objects display additions to enhance your decor theme.

4. Use the space behind the door. Clothes hooks, towel rails, and even fabric or wire storage boxes can be placed on the back of the door to save space.

5. Use mirrors with storage compartments. There are many stylish, modern and beautiful mirror designs with hidden storage space. Another option is to simply leave room behind your mirror, where you can slide (and hide) toiletries, cleaning products, brushes, etc.

6. Consider freestanding storage. With freestanding bearings such as ladders and cubes, you can make the most of the limited space. Towels can be folded or rolled and placed on the sprouts, while various containers such as wire or wicker baskets can also be used to store bottles of hair products and make-up articles.

7. Build a recess in the shower or over the bath. Use a double brick wall by cutting it to create a shower or bath niche where care products can be removed.

8. Clever corners. Embrace your bathroom corners with special corner elements that maximize this tricky but unused space.

9. Make your toilet paper holder into a storage compartment. Do it yourself or have a do-it-yourselfer build an open frame with an extra shelf to put around your toilet paper holder. This is a very clever way to use toilet paper or other bathroom products, such as B. room fragrances to keep.

10. Increase storage capacity by attaching holders to the inside of your medicine cabinet or cabinet. Clear Plexiglas pen holders, business card holders, etc. can be easily attached to the inside of a cabinet to create simple and elegant storage containers for toothbrushes, make-up, brushes, etc.