10 Design Tricks That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Much Bigger

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30 Small Bathroom Design Ideas Small Bathroom Solutions from Small Bathroom, source:housebeautiful.com

Whether it’s a small powder room or a walk-in shower that is practically above the bathroom (I was there!), A small bathroom can make these routines in the morning and evening much less glamorous and, above all, less efficient. But before you throw in the towel and call a broker to find a new location, listen to us: you just need a few strategic style tips. And you are in the right place, because we have over 30 simple storage and styling solutions that make you forget how small your bathroom actually is. Use a large mirror. A wall-to-wall mirror is a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness. The bathroom designed by Elizabeth Cooper offers an open and airy atmosphere, although it doesn’t get much natural light. This is thanks to the combination of bright colors and the sweet wallpaper.

Use unique black and white materials, stone surfaces, classic striped towels, sculptural wall lights, and a round mirror to show that minimalism can be an asset. And the pleasant and gray elegance is proof that a minimalist approach can lead to a unique and bizarre space without overwhelming the eye. Strategically hang the curtains, try a curtain that looks more like a curtain than your regular plastic shower curtain, and hang two on either side so you can keep them whenever you want. Heidi Caillier opted for a soft, oat-colored linen shower curtain that meets warmth to give warmth to the cool room.

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Go to the ham with a gallery wall, no space is too small for the artwork. In fact, small spaces are sometimes the perfect places to show things on walls, since vertical space is all you need to show your style. We love the versatile artwork on the baby pink walls of this powder room. Use tiles to your advantage, it won’t get much smaller than this bathroom, but it still looks elevated and functional. The key is to use waterproof materials so that everything can get wet (a central drain is also a must), then replace the shower head and attach the towels to the walls.

Curved corners: making the edge of your vanity soft and rounded will give you space back and less likely to hit the edge if you’re in a hurry (win-win!). This guest toilet designed by Chango & Co. is full of funny motifs and extravagant motifs and proves that small spaces can still shine.

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9 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Cut the Clutter from Small Bathroom, source:overstock.com

Make sure that the storage space is deep enough and compensate for a nonexistent linen cupboard with a strategic configuration. Whether it’s a mirrored medicine cabinet or a cabinet with shelves deep enough for the towels, as Robert McKinley Studio did here. We also love the unusual but neutral tone color scheme. Go vertical and make sure that each piece has a purpose. Choose mirrors with drawers or shelves if you don’t want to go into a traditional medicine cabinet or use your wall space to build cabinets. The lively cupboards painted with mandarins in this bathroom, designed by ETC.etera, highlight the orange tones of the pink stone vanity top, which also binds to the pink floor tiles and the carpet.

Create your own surfaces. In this modest powder room, designed by Corinne Mathern Studios, the small shelf turns an uncomfortable corner into something chic. It is large enough to hold selected cosmetics or a vase of flowers. Either hold it at the same height as the sink or place it between the sink and the mirror. Go Dark, the interior design studio by Robson Rak, took the small size and lack of light in this guest toilet into account and made it cozy and intimate with black tiles, mood lighting and dark cabinets under the smoked natural stone sink. And while the mirror may be thin, its height attracts the eye and emphasizes the high ceilings.

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